2018 - 2019 Century Tryouts (Main Site)

Thank you for your interest in Century Soccer.  The tryout process has come to end after an amazing two weeks of meeting and evaluating so many amazing players.  If you have any questions anout the process or available spots, please contact any of our directors via email...

Mike Blatz       Technical Director

Larry Fingers  Boys Director

Dave Gray      Girls Director

Dave Molisee  Academy Director

Age group chart for 2018-19 Season

Beginning in the 2016-17 season, teams will be formed based on Jan 1 through Dec. 31 birth years.


Age Group Brith year Seasons
U9 2010 Academy Fall, Winter. Spring
U10 2009 Academy Fall, Winter. Spring
U11 2008 Academy Fall, Winter. Spring
U12 2007 Fall & Spring
U13 2006 Fall & Spring
U14 2005 Fall & Spring
U15 2004 Fall & Spring
U16 2003 Spring, potential winter tournament
U17 2002 Spring, potential winter tournament
U18 2001 Spring, potential winter tournament
U19 2000 Spring, potential winter tournament