Last week I attended my first away match, which took place in New Hampshire against Seacoast United. We traveled through New York and Massachusetts. Our departure time was 11 a.m. on Saturday morning. Prior to departing our facilities, we load our things onto the bus and then help the coaches and trainer move the game equipment onto the bus. 

After about 3.5-4 hours of driving, we stopped at a rest stop to get some food and walk around a bit. We stayed at a Marriot hotel about twenty minutes from the fields. Before we reach the hotel, the coaches pick up some food to bring back to the hotel for the team. This time we ended up having Olive Garden. 

Once we arrived at the hotel at about 8 p.m., we ate dinner and had a curfew at 10 p.m. In the morning, we all have a team meal. Once you’re done eating we have to pick up our uniforms in the coach’s room. After that, we get our things together, climb on the bus and depart for the game. 

After the match we get changed and get something to eat, then leave for home for another long drive. We make these trips to New York and Canada, and at the end of the month we will be going to Florida for the Academy Showcase where the best academies face each other.