PA West Game Day Procedures

Contact Pat Vereb if you have questions!


1. If you are the home team, you should be making contact with your visiting team by Tuesday of each week to confirm your game time, location, and jersey color.

2. Ref fees 
Referee Fees For Divisions 1, 2 and 3
U9/10 $30.00 per game (15.00 per team)
U11/U12 $100 per game (50.00 per team)
U13/U14 $120 per game (60.00 per team)
U15 and Up to $140 per game (70.00 per team)
3.  At each game, make sure you have the following:
  • player and coaches cards,
  • 2 Game Day Rosters (GDRs),
  • PA West team roster, and
  • Ref fees

Provide these items to the referees prior to the start of the game.  One of the GDRs will be for the referee and one is for the opposing team. The referee will return the official GDR to you following the game, after they've recorded the score and signed it. 

4. After the game, the winning team should be enter the score into the Affinity system.  In the case of a tie, the home team will enter the score.  Scores should be entered the day of the game.  (I believe you enter 0-0 for U11 games...check with your AGC)
5. A copy of the GDR should then be emailed to your age group commissioner (AGC).  Keep your signed GDRs until after the close of the season.  These are proof that your games were played, in case it is ever questioned.
Attached is a link to Game Scoring Instructions provided by Affinity.  Please consult with your AGC should you have any issues.