Website Updating

Managers and Coaches-

Thanks for your never-ending work to support your team!  You have been given access to your team page on the website.  If this is not something that fits into your scope, please ask another parent to take this on for the team.  If you send me their email address and name and your team name, I can set them up as administrators.

One word of caution, PLEASE READ THIS PDF FIRST.

There are two parts to your team page and the user ID and password are only used for one of the two parts.

Please contact me for :

Your user ID
Your user password

Please limit your team's page to Century United only material. i.e. all team photos are to be in Century uniforms;

Below is an support video that will aid in your site building

Also, here is a great example of a finished team site

_____________________ UPDATE ______________________________

Apparently the server which handles the team elements on the Demosphere site does not refresh as quickly as we need it to when we update the Team pages.  This makes you wonder if the changes that you made are REALLY going to show up!  You can force the updating of your site so that you can see your changes on the website and don't have to wait a day or longer for them to appear.
As a reminder, your team page has two components.  One is the "element" on the page which has been set up for you. This includes the team uniform, team members, coaches, etc.  You access this from the website page you normally view by clicking on the team login button (shown below on the right side in the black bar with your team name) and inputting your email.  You get a password from the system.  What you can change from this entry point is just a part of the whole page that you see.  When you make changes here, you can see them if you click on the public view icon, but probably not when you view the webpage through your browser.
Inline image 2
To get to the republish part, it takes a bit more work.  You need to go to and put in the user name and password which was sent to you in a prior email.  From this log in point, you will see an admin screen with the pages that you can access.  Your team page will show up in blue.  When you click on it, you will see your team page just like it looks like on the website with more options.  At the bottom of this page, there is a "UPDATE SEQ/REPUBLISH" button.  If you click on this button, you will update the server and hopefully see the page with your changes. 
Inline image 1
You might also need to re-grab the site on your computer - try the page refresh icon in your browser.
Hope that helps.