The Century Junior Academy

The Century Junior Academy Program has open registrations for all players looking to continue their individual development throughout the year.  If you are looking for a program and interested in what Century can offer you and your family please contact us at





Academy Curriculum

 U3-U7 Age Group “Stars Program” 

The Stars Program is focused on developing players through fun games and exciting challenges with the ball. The length of the session will be 1 hour and will be driven by the USYSA Youth Module curriculum. Each player in this program will need their own ball, water and a Century United Academy training shirt. This group will not participate in league games but will be involved with “3 versus 3” games within every practice. This group will meet once a week. 

2014 Birth Year (U8)

This age will train  2 times a week in the fall and spring seasons,  and weekly during the winter season.   They will also participate in league play at the U9 level  through PaWest. The training will be focused heavily on Individual development and  the introduction into the tactics of the game using a basic 4 v 4  model at training.  This age group is formed  by creating pools of players to ensure the environment is best developmentally suited for all players.  The  tryout procedure is  NOT to make any particular team in the club, but instead create a strong and well designed learning environment.  


2012 and 2013  Birth Years (U10 and U9)

These ages will train  2 times a week in the fall and spring season  and weekly during the winter season as well as participating in local PaWest league games.  The training will remain focused heavily on Individual development but the tactics of the game using a basic 7 V 7 model will be implemented more thoroughly as the year progresses.   This age group  will also be split up into pools of players to ensure the environment is  developmentally appropriate  for all players.  Players may be moved frequently throughout the groups  depending on their development rate and success and not assigned to any one team or group.

This age group will participate in two overnight events with both events being during the spring 2021 season. 


2011 Birth Year (U11)

This year is the start of a more traditional organized team assignent for our players. There will still be fexibility and movement among the rosters and some training will be team specific training and some will be larger player pool trainings.  Our goal is to have three teams registered in local leagues when possible  (Gold, Red, White). These teams will be organized based on ability and will be assigned a head and an assistant coach. This age will be offered a full itinerary of league games, winter training, as well as  3 total  events (ie... Fall - 1, Spring - 2) that begin a transition to our junior team placements.


About Player Pools

This concept is a better way of allowing players to develop within their appropriate age group, similar to how the academic system works. All children are included within the same grade within the school system yet they are in different classrooms based on their educational prowess. Because some students are better at math they take Math 2 while some of the other students are in Math 1. This is a concept that allows all students to learn math at their own pace.

We will train players together within a pool but will have the ability to separate the group during training in order to ensure they are progressing individually. The skills will be challenged with the games that they can participate in on the weekends. This evaluation process is also more beneficial for the coach. It gives the Century United staff a chance to evaluate the players over a longer period of time. If a player shows up to a tryout and doesn’t perform well, the staff must make a tough decision on that very night. We may not accept a player because they had a tough day at school or a fight with their parents on the way to the tryout. This leads to anxiety, which stimulates the “fight-or-flight” response and increases the sympathetic nervous systems release of adrenaline. This will inevitably cause distractions and inhibit a players’ skill level. All of this could lead to a “bad tryout” and frustration for the child.