Century is happy to announce that our Spring Stars Program is now open for registration! 

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Century Stars Programming

The Century STARS Program has been designed to give young players (ages 3-8) the foundational skills needed to progress in the game of soccer. Through the program, the players will not only develop a love for the game, but also become more comfortable on the ball and learn the necessary skills to be competitive in their future as players. 

As all of the programs here at Century, the STAR program is led by quality coaches that design each 60m session to not only challenge the player, but to also allow them to play and have fun with their peers, which is important in the developmental stages of the game. 
Sessions run for approximately 6 weeks and can be expected to be offered multiple times a year. 
We take pride in our foundational programming and are excited to work with young players here at Century through all stages of development.  If you would like more information regarding the program please contact Bethanie Moreschi at Bethanie.Moreschi@centurysoccer.org