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Goalkeeping Director:

After coaching for Century Soccer for the past eight years, my experience has proven to me that Century has one of the top productions of youth goalkeepers in Pennsylvania, if not nationally. I am proud to work with several highly experienced and highly educated goalkeeper coaches that put our goalkeepers first. Being a goalkeeper is one of the most unique positions for children, and they are exposed to several educative qualities that many players may not be exposed to. There is such an important combination of technical, tactical, psychosocial, and physical aspects that are involved in forming each individual goalkeeper. All of these aspects are the main focus in our goalkeeper development.


I want to welcome you to Century Soccer Club and welcome you to our goalkeeping program. I have been a goalkeeper all of my life, and my experiences span from playing in Germany, Michigan, Greece, and finally Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have the highest level of goalkeeper licenses, and I am surrounded by staff with the highest level of both licensing organizations available in the United States, USSF National Goalkeeping and United Soccer Coaches Diplomas.



Goalkeepers are often seen as leaders of a team as they have the best view of the field and some of the best judgment for the game. At Century FC, we strive to provide the best level of training, at the best facilities for our goalkeepers. The goalkeeper position is very unique as it entails being the last line of defense and the first line of offense. Being able to adapt at a young age and seeing the whole field is of very high importance to a soccer player. The goalkeeping position requires particular care and attention, which is exemplified by all of our coaches when we work with your kids.



Our trainings are designed to provide our goalkeepers with the highest-level of technical opportunities to give the goalkeeper maximum repetitions.  These opportunities allow staff to make teaching points and progressions into functional activities that relate directly to the game. Our curriculum is designed to improve the overall technical and tactical skills of the beginner as well as the advanced goalkeeper. 

Century Goalkeeping Schedule (Winter 2023)

Century Goalkeeper Training

ACADEMY - U12 Goalkeepers (Junior Goalkeepers):

MONDAYS  -  @ Cool Springs Bethel Park - 7pm - 8pm (1 Hours)


U13 - ABOVE Goalkeepers (Senior Goalkeepers):

MONDAYS  -  @ Cool Springs Bethel Park - 8pm - 9:30pm (1.5 Hours)

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Cell: 734-502-3505

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