Helpful Information

Helpful Information

Have Questions About The New Century - Techne Futbol Partnership Program?


What is the Techne Futbol Program?

Techne is Soccer Training App developed by Yael Averbuch and her team designed to create an environment where players take command and ownership of their individual training.  The program includes new technical training sessions every week, shooting sessions, Techne GK sessions, Time Trial Drills, and the chance to compete for a spot on the Techne Leaderboards! Century Players will given an online account that allows them to spend time away from the fields improving technical and mental aspects of the game in a competitive environment. 

What to expect at the beginnning of the partnership...

Following the Century Announcement each player will receive an invitation through email from the program from (You may want to add this to your contacts or check spam folder if you dont receive)

A couple things you could advise them to do:

  1. Download Techne Futbol from the app store and use the email that you added to the Manager Portal to simply go in the app choose Sign Up > Enter that Email > It will walk them through sign up (in other words they don't NEED the email invite in order to sign up) 
  2. Check their spam/other email addresses & yes, add to their contacts and then resend the invite
If they still have issues they can reach out to and we will assist them :) 

You will need to create an account via the link provided using the email that received the email.  This will automatically link you with the Century Program.

You will then be able to download the App from the app store and begin the training!  If you have any questions you can check out the Techne youtube channel for assistance.

Progress will be monitored by your club coaches and directors .  A weekly leaderboard showing indiviual and team progress will distributed on Social Media.