While some of our teams had this past weekend off, others played on, full speed ahead. Check out the latest results!

  • South 0203G Elite were victorious in their 1-0 battle with Beadling White. Later, they stepped up their game to secure a 3-3 tie vs. Penns Forest Elite without their starting keeper. A stellar day for these ladies!
  • 0203B Hotspurs Premier battled to a 1-1 draw with Arsenal Navy at the Shadyside Academy fields. Way to work!
  • 0203B Hotspurs Classic earned two great wins in their home field double header: A 4-0 victory over Penns Forest and a 7-0 rout over PFC. Good show, guys!
  • South 0304G Premier defeated Penns Forest Athletico in a riveting 1-0 match. Great hustle!
  • South 0304B Premier hustled their way to a 4-4 draw against PA Crew at North Strabane last Friday night. On Saturday, they clinched a 1-0 victory over Stars United at Graham Park. Well done, guys!
  • South 0405G Premier brought home a huge victory over Penns Forest Athletico. Final scoare: 11-2. Nice work, girls!
  • North 0506G Elite defeated Beadling U9 girls with a score of 6-3 this weekend. Way to remain undefeated, girls!
  • South 0506G Elite team keeps their PA West winning streak alive with a close 5-4 win over PA Crew. Way to go, ladies!